Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just In Case

Anyone is interested have the R2 version of Season5 available to pre-order (release date 16/08/10) I checked Amazon aswell, but they just have the option to be e-mailed when it becomes available


Diane said...

I'm signed up, waiting for Amazon to email me, even though I already have the USA version! August isn't too long now I guess (but I couldn't wait anyway)

havers said...

Did they really miss Alex and Jimmy on the UK cover?

I would love to buy the UK version but there are no extra like the last versions, right? I'll wait for the German release...maybe in two years...sigh.

Jane said...

Thanks Eliza, I guess they couldn't fit them all in on the cover but its a bit better than the US cover even if it doesn't show up to date pictures of Vincent and Kate.

val said...

Thank you. Ordered and hopefully soon on its way.

I signed up with Amazon for reminders too, Diane, and got nothing. I was waiting for the UK version 'cos this computer won't take foreign DVDs, and the other(s) are either too slow or, in the case of the Toshiba, I HATE IT!