Friday, June 11, 2010

'The View' March 2004

Again video is from thereel..don't know where we'd be without them :-)

Apaologies for lack of activity yesterday...stupid laptop decided it would only start if it was reset to factory settings...stupid me then had to reinstall all my picture software.Thankfully just about everything was backed up so it wasn't as painful as it could have been.


Diane said...

Gosh, it's been too long since I saw this, despite it being in the archives, so thanks for reminding me - and sorry to hear the Techno Gods were 'angry' with you yesterday!

Beverly said...

Atta Boy Vincent you protect your baby girl.
He's just chillin' with the ladies and they were eatin' it up.
He looked especially D'lish there.
Yummmmm meeeeee

Ruby said...

All these clips are wonderful! Thanks so much for the opportunity to see them (again)!

val said...

Damn technology. But where would we be without it? (Note to self, must back up some of my stuff.)

Ironic that he says how they stay out of the gossip news because the crew doesn't leak information, but they are just about to shoot Season 4 where Vincent really got slagged off.