Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thank You for the comments yesterday..I knew you'd understand just what I'm putting myself through :-p


Ruby said...

Great caps, wonderful collage, Eliza! That program of yours has very good instincts!

mauigirl said...

Beautiful caps, I was about to say I had no idea what epi the caps are from, so went back and saw it's from 'Art'. :/

verif: emalis

used in a sentence:
Emalis a good way to communcate with friends.

potzina said...

You worked so hard for us! Thank you so much ;o)

val said...

It's lovely to see the old ones again. Of course, if Hallmark took any notice of those fans who voted for our top 'tec, they'd now be showing the whole series from the beginning.

Nantz said...

Love the black and white! Just stunning and shows "Bobby's" many expressions so well. Like Ruby said, your program hones in on just the right caps...but, not as good as you would having a more discerning eye.