Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seemed A Shame

To waste all those pictures after I spent hours finding them last week :-D


Diane said...

Wonderous :0)

val said...

Wasn't there some idiot twat who once said he had only one expression? I wonder what she was on? I don't want to try any - I'd much rather enjoy this!

Word verif is only one letter away from a proper description: it says "corkee" rather than "corker"!

Sandy said...

Not one bad expression or ugly picture in the whole caption review. He is so handsome in all of them and he just kept getting betterlooking every season if that is possible. Oh, Bobby, I miss you already, Thank God for re-runs and my tapes. I will never get tired of looking at him. Thank you for these great 4 minutes. Now I'm gonna watch it again.