Monday, January 14, 2013

Need An App

That will let me comment on blog posts from my tablet/phone...there is one that lets me post to blogger, there is one that lets me go on facebook..there is even one that lets me play my stupid farm game...but not one that  will let me comment..and the tablet I have tends to freeze when I try...there is probably something I can do to improve things and now Mum is feeling better I should have time to work something the meantime I'm going to play catch-up again :)


Anonymous said...

I THINK I can comment from my phone. I can certainly get to the blogs 'cause I have them saved to favourites (I have no idea what I just said by the way). However, I think I'm about to enter the brave new (terrifying!) world of...dongles for the laptop. Nope, I don't know anything about that either ;0)

val said...

I don't visit blogs on my iPad but reply to people's comments on my own blog. To do that I just click on the post in my email and it goes straight to the post on Safari.