Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank You

So much for all your support.I've contacted E-bay for advice on what I can do next.I've also e-mailed the person selling these picture sets.So far E-bay have been the more responsive,and they have actually been quite helpful.However,short of gettting Vincent to complain about pictures of himself being sold...I'm still not sure that I can do much.

One thing I'm sure of,there is no way I'm going to start watermarking across the centre of my pictures..but I may make the one I do use a little bigger :-)


Tess said...

Glad to hear ebay has been helpful!

tamara said...

wow, i just had a look at the me-page of that woman on ebay and she's just amazing. and i don't mean that in a good sense.
she really calls herself a true vdo-fan, posts links to videos on youtube and thanks everybody for their great work, but still she goes out there making profit of other people's work!
this is unbelievable. i'm sorry i'm late for this discussion, but i truly hope ebay expells this person or something. although, as mentioned in previous comments, ebay doesn't seem to be too helpful in preventing or dealing with that kind of stuff.
i hope they prove me wrong in your case!
oh, and that seller is getting another email... we're watching you! (and i wouldn't be too surprised if she also read your blog regularly...)

Jane said...

Like the Thank you collage, I hope things get resolved for you.

JoJo said...

Gorgeous collage.

I'm glad that you contacted eBay. Even if it doesn't lead anywhere, at least you stuck up for yourself. I think I'll shoot Jenn an email too, b/c I read on your 11/26 post that this same person is selling HER photo from when she met him last year. Jenn will NOT be on board with that.

val said...

Well done, JoJo, didn't think of emailing her for some reason, left a message on her blog.

Eliza, this woman is a real piece of work. Let's hope true VDO fans will boycott her.

tamara said...

hey, i don't know if you still want to hear about this stuff.
but in case:
i have something funny (sort of). i got an answer from that woman. i couldn't stop but giggle...
(btw: i didn't change anything, mistakes are for real)

"FIrst If I buy photos from someone I consider them mine !!! they are ... also If you would like to get to the real source of who is selling these and making big $$$$$$$$ Search in Vincent photo CD in avtice and completed auctions.. where there are photos of 80 to one that has 1500 on it ..As far as justifieing myself I did not make any huge amount of money at all !!!!! it wasnt about the money you know nothing about me at all ... go harress the real money hungry sellers who did and sill does steal photos and burn them to a CD and sell then thats who you should be wrintg to ..... NOT ME
Have a Wondeful day
PS your eyes must need glasses or you would have seen the CD's angieswallpapers and more ... there the thiefs !"

the best thing is that she thinks because she bought something, the copyright of the person who originally took the picture for example is gone. wrong. it's still jenn's picture.
besides that it's hilarious to justify herself that she didn't make a lot of money. but she made profit. period.
plus: sarcasm doesn't really work anymore when you practically yell at other people through writing. that only works when you appear to remain calm...

eliza, i hope they delete her from ebay soon and you and jenn will get your peace back. and i think she will have some more nice emails in her inbox when i understood some of the other commentators right. ah, i don't know. i find this funny in some way. although it's not of course.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't so sad, it would be hilarious!!! A picture with Eliza's watermark clearly on it is 'hers' because, well, it's HERS!

Laurel said...

im sorry about the theif eliza :(. i love your work, i save it and sometimes i use it for myself, but i would never sell them for profit, nor would i ever take them and use them for my own without giving credit to where credit's due. sometimes when someone does it good it goes back on them. i really appreciate everything that you do!