Monday, August 25, 2008


Not much to say yet..I still need time to think about it on my own..BUT I can honestly say that I think Declan is the most horrible slimey little man ever!!

I wanted to see this episode so badly that,apart from getting up at 5.30,I asked my dad not to come for a visit until this that bad??

Rest of the caps are here as usual :-)


Diane said...

No Eliza, I can quite understand your predicament ;0)

My baby SOOOOOO needs me *sobs*

Beautiful caps but oh man, this is killing me!!!

Music Wench said...

Lovely caps! It was a fantastic episode. Everyone involved deserves an Emmy nod at the very least.

Tess said...

I'm still reeling from this one....I HATE Declan!

Beautiful caps Eliza. Thank You.

jazzy said...

thx a lot eliza!

i told my best friend not to come for a visit until next wednesday!
well, that means we are hopelessly addicted, doesn't it.

as for the eppy, well i need to rewatch. and then re-re-watch.

val said...

Poor, poor Bobby, why won't they leave him alone?

So Eames, how did he bring this one on himself?

jazzy said...

from Val's lips to eames' ear

Lozzie Cap said...

Yeah I bet Eames is kicking her own arse right now. Or, she should be, at any rate. But maybe is she feels bad, it will help fix stuff between them? There seemed to be a lot of road-signs saying "Eames Cares About Goren, 5 miles" in this episode.

::squinting to see a) what the hell is he eating and b) what washing up liquid does he use.::

Eliza your selection of caps is SUPERB.