Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Melancholy Collage

That probably means I shouldn't make them after reading Novalyne's book...sorry


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of emotion about this week isn't there ;0)

Y'all know I once cried through WWW from the moment he opened the car door for her until the poem in the typewriter at the end....!

jazzy said...

aaaaaaww bob!
exactly what i need after you-know-what-i-mean

val said...

Bob and Bobby - too much tragedy. I think I need Good Luck.

Poison Passion said...

Hello Eliza and everyone. Friend of Jazzy's and yours too sort of.
I felt bad for him. I was mad at the end and sad of course too.
No more feeling bad!
Great collage.

BASRIC said...

Love this movie & you collage

Kimberly said...


Lozzie Cap said...

One day I SHALL summon the courage to watch this film.

Does he cop it at the end ..?

*heartfelt sigh*