Monday, February 02, 2009


We're getting S3 on dvd, according to Amazon UK anyway...I've just got to tell everyone they aren't getting Easter Eggs this year :-D

I really shouldn't do it, but whenever I visit Amazon I put VDO in the dvd search, then when the results come up I click 'release dates'. That way you get to see what's coming up in the future..for instance, I know The Thirteenth Floor is being released on Blu-ray..and that Claire Dolan is getting a S2 release in March too..I'd better tell Gareth he isn't getting a birthday present either LOL


jazzy said...

is there another reason for visiting amazon than to put VDO in the search field?
seriously, i'm an amazon junkie; never could resist their overnight delivery service!

val said...

At last a Season 3 set that might actually slip less when you pause and capture.

I'd say, I know what my friend is getting for her birthday, but as I already spent a small fortune on a Sony camera for her, maybe she'll have to buy that for herself. Though where I can't imagine. Most places that sell DVDs have gone bust and she doesn't do online, let alone shop there.

Tess said...

I don't understand why it takes NBC SO long to release CI dvd's?! I guess that should be the motto for all CI fans...Be prepared to wait!

Diane said...

See, I keep forgetting the UK hasn't had Season 3 yet. I wonder how old I'll be if/when we get Season 4!