Monday, September 28, 2009

Do You Think

This would get the message across if I sent it to the relevant people? I know Vincent is the one I care most about, but it seemed a bit unfair to leave Kathryn and Eric unsupported :-)

P.S charley_7 left contact details for a couple of people in the comments of yesterdays post if you haven't already got them


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful 'Reminder' Eliza, and YES, I think you should definitely send it.

I'll get busy with the emails and postcards shortly. It may not do any good, but it'll make me feel a hell of a lot better (briefly)

jazzy said...

You are right, Eliza. Kathryn and Eric deserve the same support as Vincent.

My English is not good enough to write a letter of complaint. So would someone (a native English speaker) PLEASE tell me how an email to usa should look like?
Thanks in advance!

jazzy said...

charly_7 was so kind to answer my question :) thanks!

Tess said...

It would be nice if the 'Powers That Be' didn't have shit for brains! (Sorry that was a bit rude, but true!)

val said...

How do these people get the jobs they have?

Laura said...

Unfortunately, like jazzy I'm not a Native speaker too, so if someone would to take this commitment to write a letter....XD

JoJo said...

I love it Eliza and yes, I do think you should print and send them.

Anonymous said...


The Reel Blog ( has postcards that can be printed - no need to add anything to them if you aren't comfortable sending a written letter.

If you want to send an email - someone on the USA-LOCI board posted what they had written for others to use and I will post it here for ya!

"I am completely dismayed with the recent news about Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Over the years I have been taken for a great ride - the fabulous evolution of Robert Goren. He began as a precocious puppy and matured through adversity to a dignified mature man, all incarnations brilliantly and subtly portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio. Kathryn Erbe's Eames is his perfect fit. Yin to his Yang.

I don't believe their stories are finished and know there is a huge need for intelligent scripting, acting and production. To my delight, Criminal Intent has always filled that role.

I will mourn the loss of the Goren and Eames characters and celebrate the pleasure they have given me.

When they are gone from Criminal Intent, so am I.


ann said...

yes, send it, send it, send it... a picture speaks a thousand words