Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And a return to normal service..almost :-)

Nantz has a couple of extra e-mail addresses on her blog if you haven't already got them all...every little helps, right?


Diane said...
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Diane said...

I can still hardly look at a picture of him as Bobby and not want to cry....

judith said...

I found this a sad episode. I know the two young girls did wrong but I felt so sorry for them. All they had ever needed was love.x

mauigirl said...

I have no idea what this episodes even about. Except he's wearing the BTSoH!!!
Thanks for the link to Nantz - very helpful.

jazzy said...

Am I bad? All I can do is to doooooool about the collage.

charley_71 said...

I wanted to post this link


I very quickly threw up a blog JUST for information on the "Save Goren & Eames" campaign that is going on.

I have been running back and forth between all these great blogs and the LOCI - USA board trying to make sure everyone gets the information and that its not lost in comments where newbies can't find it.

If you have something to share or something you want me to post please email me naramoonbeam@yahoo.com.

I'm just using the blog as an information page - trying to keep everyone informed!

The LOCI-USA board has decided to send marshmallow fluff to USA and is looking to get the media involved. I'll post details on the blog as I get them!!


BASRIC said...

I love this episode, there are so many different wonderful shots of Bobby. Sigh.